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ROCK CRYSTAL (transparent)

Of all the stones of lithotherapy, rock crystal is undoubtedly the most revered. Its healing powers but also harmonization and amplification powers have been used since ancient times. It allows the unblocking and channelling of energies, removes darkness and increases the effects of the other stones to which it is associated.

LABRADORITE (azure gray)

Labradorite is the stone of magic. It is restructuring at all the levels of the energetic bodies of the aura and acts as a shield by absorbing the negative energies and pains of others and dissolving them. It is a stone of great intuition, it promotes insight and clear-sightedness. 

QUARTZ-TOURMALINE (white and black)

It is an excellent stone for protection against energies coming from oneself and others. The clarity of the quartz accentuates the power of the tourmaline. It also highly protects against electromagnetic waves, promotes self-confidence and concentration, diverts tensions, protects against negative thoughts and helps to overcome stress.


It is in the Heart Chakra  that pink quartz naturally finds its place. It is infinite sweetness and inner peace. It heals the deepest affective wounds,  and raises awareness to the joys of love for others and for oneself.


Lapis lazuli possesses great strength in the purification of the body, but especially of the spirit which it stabilizes and of the soul which it raises. It is one of the most important stones of the upper Chakras. It stimulates intelligence and imagination and helps the wearer to deepen his ability to meditate.


This Heart Chakra  stone acts by eliminating psychological blockages. Green fluorite helps concentration and thought and calms anxiety caused by life's worries.

AMETHYST (purple)

In essence, amethyst is the stone of wisdom and humility. It promotes spiritual elevation, concentration and meditation. It also stimulates clarity of mind and serenity.

OBSIDIAN (black)

Considered to be the most powerful stone for protection, it rejects negativity and allows serenity of the spirit. It is a stone of great power, it helps to reach a deep state of meditation by stabilizing its wearer’s emotions.

FLUORITE (multicolored)

Multicolored fluorite acts on the 3rd eye Chakra to bring freedom of mind. It is a stimulating stone for creativity and inventiveness: it promotes independence and the expression of one’s emotions.

SMOKED QUARTZ (dark and transparent)

Smoky quartz is a very powerful stone, effective against stress: it helps to overcome difficult moments. It alleviates fear and brings emotional calm. It is considered to be the stone of responsibility and lucidity.

TIGER'S EYE (yellow-brown)

This stone represents a protective shield by reflecting negative energies back to their sender. It restores courage and energy to its wearer and also promotes independence of mind, self-confidence and serenity. Ideal to put in the entrance of a house to keep negative energies outside.



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